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New works for sale now on ebay.

I have four new paintings up for auction on ebay. All are acrylic on paper and concerned with the theme of ‘rewilding’, trying to imagine different ideas of land use and make them visually appealing. I have taken the raw topography of the hills around Guisborough where I grew up, the lines of the horizon have such distinct and evocative profiles. I often go back there and walk old haunts but many of my favourite routes have been destroyed by forestry contractors, needlessly it seems, my heartland a mutilated heap. I found a sort of therapy in putting everything back as I want , as I recall it from many summers so that the terrain itself is now my canvas. These images are I guess ‘blue remembered hills’ or rather hills and light serving to symbolise memories and reshaped to better express my feelings around them.

'The Refuge' acrylic on paper 24x16cm
‘The refuge’, Newton Wood, Great Ayton. acrylic on paper 24x16cm


Ravenscar Shore
Ravenscar Shore. acrylic on paper 25×16.5cm


Newton Woods
Newton Woods